November 21, 2017

December DAISY winners

Congratulations to our December DAISY winners!

Kathryn Higdon photo by Cherry Odom

Kathryn Higdon, RN, RD, LDN, Mission Weight Management Center was nominated by physician Sonia Humphery, M.D.

Kathryn is whole heartedly devoted to our patients at the Weight Management Center. She provides, on a daily basis, unconditional support and compassion through the struggles that accompany obesity and weight loss. She provides care on site, and often calls patients to check on them regarding the medical and emotional changes they are experiencing. She reaches out to other physician offices to assure continuity of care, always keeping the patient’s best interest in mind. She has experience, having worked on the Mission inpatient cancer floor, with families and the spectrum of challenges of treatment. She is calm and comforting and grounds our team and center. Patients feel safe with her. We are so lucky to have her on our team. I strongly recommend Kathryn for the DAISY Award, as she is a professional nurse in all areas.

Margaret Foreman photo by Cherry Odom

Margaret Foreman, RN, Psychiatric Services received two nominations from co-workers.

Andrea Morris’ nomination:

Margaret always demonstrates expert, professional and person centered care to her patients. Last week, we had a patient who was experiencing extreme psychosis and who also carried a history of extreme violence. Margaret was able to partner with this patient offering assistance and support and ultimately served to de-escalate the patient which paved the way for the delivery of quality patient care. It seems that by Margaret taking a moment to listen to her patients, multiple patient restraints and possible seclusions have been avoided as I have noted this manner of partnering and patient respect many times. Margaret treats her patients with dignity and integrity- which I believe has made all the difference in multiple patient experiences.

Migs Halpern’s nomination:

RN Foreman shows a tenaciousness when it comes to making sure her patients get the best care. She will contest a clinician who wants to do a assessment if her patient just fell asleep after days of not sleeping. She will find another way if possible, to use blood in the lab, to prevent another stick to a patient.
She works well with her colleagues, always considerate (unless the wellbeing of the pt is concerned!)

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