November 21, 2017

January DAISY Winners

Congratulations to our January DAISY winners!


Laura McGahan, BSN, RN, Radiology Nursing was nominated by co-worker Becky Guthrie.

A beautiful story of patient care… Laura McGahan recently cared for an outpatient here for a lung biopsy. He was 99 years old – THAT DAY! It was his birthday and he was having a lung biopsy. He had no family and a friend had brought him to the hospital for the procedure. Even though he was 99 years old, he was an alert and active gentleman. Laura asked the patient what his dream birthday meal would be and he told her two hot dogs. She arranged to get two hot dogs from the cafeteria and went to the Gift Shop and got balloons and a Mission baseball cap with other goodies and put them in a gift bag so he would have a gift to open on his birthday. After he was cleared by the physician after his procedure, Laura, along with the other nursing staff, sang “Happy Birthday” to him and gave him his hot dogs, balloons, and gift. This simple gesture brought so much happiness and the patient thoroughly enjoyed himself. Even though I have no doubt about the excellent clinical care Laura gives, she is also a very giving and caring person. This patient will never forget this birthday and the thoughtfulness and caring she gave him. This is only one example of the many that Laura gives patients and staff on a daily basis. She should be recognized for the wonderful asset we have here in Radiology Nursing and at Mission Hospital.

Jane Tiger photo by Cherry Odom

Jane Tiger, RN, Trauma Care Unit was nominated by a family member of a patient, Rene Wolf.

For three days, Jane Tiger was my husband’s nurse in the Trauma Care Unit. She was totally dedicated to maximizing his condition so that he could have surgery. She recognized that he would respond to “numbers” so she set up a routine for him to use the breathing device every hour. She helped our family to have him drink an unpalatable protein and another liquid. He is a very ill almost 90 year old who could not move because of the external device on one leg and a broken ankle on the other. He would respond to Jane’s encouragement more readily than from our family. Her facts and knowledge constantly helped us to understand his status. Moreover, she could give the many specialists involved in the case exact and up to date information at all times. She was a comfort to us. Bright and compassionate, she deserves to be the “Nurse of the Year”.

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