November 21, 2017

Mission Children’s Hospital in The Wall Street Journal Article

Mission Children’s Hospital, Asheville, NC, uses movie goggles to calm and distract young patients during MRIs. This approach promotes shorter testing times and often eliminates the need for sedation, as children lie quietly focusing on the movie that displays as if it were on a screen five feet away. Additional coping strategies, such as using dolls and puppets for medical play, allow children to express their feelings through examining their “patient” with stethoscopes, applying bandages, and talking to the doll or puppet about what will happen next.

The utilization of these tactics at Mission Children’s Hospital to diminish the fears and trauma that medical care may prompt in children is highlighted in an article in The Wall Street Journal, “U.S. Hospitals Adopt Child-Friendly Tactics to Minimize Pain, Trauma.”

Read it here. Wall Street Journal Article

To read more info about the use of medical puppets for therapeutic play at Mission Children’s Hospital, check out the 2012 Mission Hospital Nursing Annual Report, page 19.


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