November 22, 2017

2013 Review–Mission Hospital Nursing Shared Decision Making

Mission Hospital Shared Governance Councilor Model 2013. To view this image larger, click on the photo.

Shared governance at Mission Hospital, Asheville, NC, includes unit based shared decision making councils and the hospital-wide councils pictured here, giving nurses a voice in creating and evaluating change.  

Unit-based shared decision making councils impact their own respective units and potentially all nursing units by designing, implementing, and revising processes, such as self-scheduling and flex guidelines, improved hand-off communication, night shift rounding with physicians for staff education and participation in the plan of care, improved work flow by reorganizing equipment and resources, and recognition of achievements.

Hospital-wide councils work to standardize care and processes across the hospital, extending the nurses’ influence beyond their individual units.

To read the 2013 listing of nurse leaders for each hospital-wide council, click here.

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