November 22, 2017

Emergency Department Mock Up

Plans are being made for the new Emergency Department (ED), which will be part of future construction at Mission Hospital, Asheville, NC, to meet expanding healthcare needs and to continually improve patient care. A part of the project MISSION re:DESIGN, the ED design plan advances the goals to build better processes and better facilities to provide the best care possible for Western NC patients for the next 100 years.

Previous patients and ED users, like RNs and ED physicians, met to develop standards and prototypes for ED patient care areas. Then the prototype was built as a mock up room in a Mission Hospital building.

To read more and see photos of the prototype mock up room being evaluated by nurses, physicians, and other users, left click on the article below.               

Nurses, an architect, and ED physicians are pictured here discussing the lay out of equipment and supplies best suited for efficient patient care. To view image larger, click on photo. photo by Cherry Odom


Emergency Department Mock Up


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